Saturday, November 15, 2008

Well kiss my ass and call me Rosemary,,,,

Sure could use some rain. This road is an easy thing to bitch about. Really, it goes from a mud filled bog pit, to the dustiest, bumpiest piece of shit in a 2 day time frame. We only get one day in-between where conditions are good, no dust and no mud. I think I prefer the mud.

I don’thave a good photo of the finished deck but here is what I do have.

Until you have lived in a 16x20 house, you may have a hard time appreciating the addition of a 12x16 deck! Mrs. Barn made the trek from the furthest corner of the deck, through the main house entrance, across the ‘great room’, down the main hallway of the west wing, past the master bedroom to finally reach the master bath, where she was almost out of breath and had to stop on the way back and get another beer! We may have to bust out the walkies so as we can talk to each other!
Maybe with all the controversy over the Mistletoe Ball, we could just hold it here?
Got the handrails all treated and looking good. Put up a bird food station but them rude bastards are shittin all over the place. So, I have cut them off. Phuck ‘em. Till they learn not to shit on the deck, they can go eat at Ray’s for all I care.
Next trip to town we will get the rest of the treatment so the deck will be all done for my friends from Denver’s arrival! That’s gonna be the real stress test!

Sandy dropped a comment about Mrs. Barns photo contest. Since you got your new fangled camera, join flickr and send out the address!! Plus, that’s the only way to vote is to actually be in the contest, so whatcha waitin fer? And it’s free!

Neighbor told Mrs. Barn that she is missing a couple more cats. Maybe there are some more snakes around large enough to scarf down a cat? Best watch yer ass Fuzz!

You’ve all heard how we literally took FuzzNutts out of a 6ft boa’s mouth, right? We heard him scream and ran outside where we found the snake had his head in his mouth and was all coiled up. We got him un-wrapped and he was alive so we spent the next few minutes trying to get the cats head out of the snakes mouth. Finally got him loose and took him inside. He had some tooth holes in his head and the roof of his mouth, and he seemed a bit sore, but about an hour later he was back to being FuzzNutts! We did this once before with another cat but were too late. Now we are getting better at our response time!
And ya know,, he acts like one ungrateful little dick! But I always remind him that he is down to 8 lives, better pay more attention!
Being future snake poop is no way to go thru life!

"Women and cats will do as they please. Men and dogs had better get used to it."


Lola said...

Hey Barn, wha happen to the calendar idea? Ya gave up on it? The oldest lady here in the village sent her grand-daughter over, she wanted to know if the cameraman would be around before she died. I'm not kidding! She's waiting to get all dolled up. Maybe you could take the pics and keep them for next year, time is running short (for the publishing AND the old gal).

Drew Travers said...

Well maybe Mrs Barn could acquire some roller skates or a skateboard to make the trip... should be fun to practice grabbing a beer on the way. Course FuzzNuts might end up being a casualty.

The new deck is beeeuuutyfulll! Nice job. When do the Rockettes perform? Which corner is the Belizean Christmas tree gonna be... FuzzNuts would like that and it would give the birds a place to poop.

Elysia said...

Could you host Mistletoe? That would be great! I think the new deck will be perfect for the dance!!!!! LOL

sandy A. said...

Yeah the deck looks great! Can't wait to check it out in June. I'll bring the beer!