Friday, November 14, 2008

Baliff,, whack his pee pee,,,

I don’t know what happened but there has been a peak in construction traffic in the last 2 weeks,, it seems. The trucks and buses have been just flying up and down the road. Dust is also at an all time hi.
So, we have the buses fully loaded with people going as fast as they possibly can, dump trucks loaded with dirt going as fast as they possibly can, and so much dust no one can see. It’s a recipe for disaster.
It is actually dangerous for me to pull out of my carport! I have to be super careful I don’t get mushed.
Come on pavement and speed bumps!

A few days ago I mentioned how well certain things were going. Obama getting in, Palin going home, me getting a new deck, that kinda stuff. Well, add one more to the plus side of things. This morning’s news sez that in the next couple days, Musa and other ministers will be arrested! They will be charged with something concerning the transfer of Venezuela’s funds. Gawd would I like to be there to see that! Now, weather it truly happens and if it sticks is a whole nuther story.

Climbed the tree and got some deck photos. Wasn’t happy so I need to figure out another angle.
I did try it out as a photo location tho. Our current guests were willing to sit for me and I can’t turn that down.

And did you happen to see the full moon come up? It was a nice one!

Confucius Say: Wife who put husband in doghouse soon find him in cathouse.

Update: I see someone asking about the cat that suddenly came thru our screen door.
Well, she came twice a day, sometimes 3 times and ate as much as she could hold, swat at Fuzz and then leave. Then one day we never saw her again? Don't know why not.


sandy A. said...

From what I can see of the deck it looks good!

cayegirl said...

Haven't heard anyone quote firesign theater in forever!