Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dancing with the stars? '08

Back to the cool weather! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,, snork, uh,, Ok.
I see some interesting comments have landed in the comment box. Let me get to some of these this nice, cool Sunday morning.
As I did mention, the little stray calico cat has not been back. I actulay think that is good. Fuzz likes being king-shit round here.
Our good friend Lola had this to say: “Hey Barn, wha happen to the calendar idea? Ya gave up on it? The oldest lady here in the village sent her grand-daughter over, she wanted to know if the cameraman would be around before she died. I'm not kidding! She's waiting to get all dolled up.”

Here’s the deal on this, I did kinda back off as I got discouraged about barfin up $500+us up front to get about 20 calendars. Then I hear it can be done differently where folks can pay the publisher directly and there is not up-front money! That sounds all well and good for me, but I wanted to donate the profits and this makes it sound like there is no profits(?) but after seeing the note from Lola, I decided I better get busy again. I will at the very least get a file of photos of the old timers. I start Monday A.M.
I missed our buddy Ivan. Although he was really only my age, his lifestyle made him seem waaaay older! And again,, I am open to and would appreciate any suggestions as to accomplishing this!

And fellow blogger Drew has planted an idea that I may pursue. Rollerblades! Or maybe for those times I am really lazy, a Segway!

Ellie,, I double-dog dare ya to send out an e-mail declaring this years Mistletoe Ball will be held at Barnacle Bill’s new "DoubleWide" deck! Or at least mention that I offered!

A coward dies a thousand deaths, a brave man dies but once. And he usually dies much younger than the coward, because his dumb ass didn't avoid things he should have been afraid of.


Lola said...

Hiya Barn I got the meter on but it's all the way to the bottom of de page, and it don't wanna move, how do I put it on the side like yours?

Elysia said...

Bill as much as I would LOVE to do that I don;t think I could handle ton loada stress that email would bring. Honestly I don't know what the heck is wrong with people........ Let's announce it for the 10th annual - after all we need to make the 10th annual special.......

Anonymous said...

Check out for self publishing your calender. It really is pretty easy to do. What you make in profit, will be sent to you (many months from now)and then you can turn around and donate to what ever you want to!