Monday, November 3, 2008

It's a booger! No it'snot.

Whelp, here it is, Monday morning. You would think I would see my contractor today, no?
I am beginning to think I could start a pool and let folks gamble on dates that our deck will be up!
We have some drunken buddies coming for a visit in the early part of December. It better be up by then!
Seems we are not the only ones having construction woes. MB hotel mentioned their contractor ran out of important pool parts and can’t find any in the entire country! That little project will be very popular when it’s done. Very nice outside dining near the pool with swim-up bar(sorta), all new furniture, new inside bar, a complete makeover it looks like.

This friend coming is bringing me a one terabyte hard drive!! That's 1000gb's!! I need more storage room for photos and one company estimates this HDD will hold 377,000 of my RAW (very large) photos! Technology just amazes me to no end. When I got into digital, my first CF card for my camera was 128mb. And it cost about $40us. I now use 2gb cards because they are so cheap! And they are now up to 64gb in size!
The hard drive in this computer right here is only 80gb!!!

Two days ago Mrs. Barn hollers at me to come see what’s one the beach. I know from past experience that will mean something gross, really cool, beach washed away, or something very profitable!

This time it was a really cool gross thing. It was some kind of jelly fish thingy-mo-whatsit. I have been calling it a sea booger the size of a hubcap! She shot a few photos of the big hunk of snot while I kept the dog at bay. He seemed to want to roll on it. Anyway, it was gone a few hours later.

Been working round here for the start of the new season. It officially starts this week.

A little tiny bit of US politics to finish off this post. Did you all get a chance to hear Sarah Palin get punked by a radio station? Two dj’s pretend to be French PM and that complete idiot is so excited that a foreign diplomat has called her, that she bought it hook, line, sinker, pole, and boat! They had her in the boat, in the cooler and were heading back to shore when they decided to rip the hook out her mouth and let her swim away, to be hooked again some day!

If 2 Canadians can fool her this easy, what will the rest of the world do to her! Actuly, I may have been able to accept Mcain,, right up to the point her picked her as his mate. But that just ruined it.
This just in,, a fitting tune for this idiot!
OK,, we didn’t get the chance to make our votes count, but I can still voice my opinions,, right?

Can you read what's on the TV? Fuzz is about to have some serious problems!

My dentist is afraid to drill in my mouth for fear of an unexpected spark.


Bunkster said...

Yeah, I just bought a 1 Tera HD on sale for 149 dollars. Prices are crazy as corps are trying to get rid of stuff.

Sue W said...

Not to worry, Barn. We voted twice!

cayegirl said...

No worries - Colorado voted for Obama!