Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dinner ready yet,,,,?

Hey, Friday eve, got things done,planning to go visit Mango’s for a few cold ones. Decide I should get a jump-start on dinner before we go. Tonight it’s pork fried rice.

I make the rice way before and add it to the rest while cold.
Off we go towards Mango’s. CLOSED? Guess we better phone first, Friday or not.
Mosey on down to M.Breeze bar and knock back about 3 there. Nothing happening, we might as well go home and drink them cheap beers.
As I walk in the door, it hits me. I left the rice cooking!! Yeah, it’s done. I guess it’s a good thing Mango’s was closed or we would have stayed there a lot longer!
So I started over with the dinner plans. As things progressed, we had some beers in honor of our friend Ivan. You all know Ivan, the little guy who stocked the coolers and raked the yard at Pickled Parrot.
He died yesterday. From what I gather, it was basically his lifestyle that caught up to him. He has never been a picture of health since I known him. He will be missed! Here’s to ya Ivan,,,!

Had a new paperboy deliver our papers. We seem to have a different one each week. Mr. Brown grabs anyone going this way and asks them to drop our papers off. But this time I got to help a neighbor out in the process.
Eggy-babes,,,you will let us know when you have mastered ‘Chateaubriand’ using the microwave right,,?

I can, in a pinch, construct a fully-operational keg tap from a cigarette lighter, two clothespins and lots of love.


Anonymous said...

Eggy-babes...Ah know dat man...He try to turn cow into charcoal now?

Anonymous said...

May Jah Bless Ivan.