Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Guv'na Palin,, yer moose is ready,,,,

Well that’s over. The election,, silly. Was everyone just about sick and tired of that? I thought the hype leading up to the super bowl was ridiculous. And just like the super bowl every day, every hour they had to update us on who they thought was going to win and their stupid facts as to why. FOR 21 MONTHS!!!! I will say this, I am not sure what I wanted more. Obama to win, or Palin to loose. Hey, looky me, I win on both accounts!! I feel Obama will do a good job (let’s hope), and I also hope they keep us informed of Sarah picking up moose turds. Now, if she does pose for playboy, on a bear skin rug, with a Winchester 30-30, I may take a look. Otherwise, I am glad her 15 minutes of fame are done!
OK,, on with life.

My contractor was once again a no-show. I hate to say anything bad about the guy but this has gone too far. I now have other contractors coming by offering to take on the job! Today, he gets the phone call from me. Either do it or this other guy will. It’s been 2 months we have been tripping over the lumber!

Adriane went for her walk yesterday and Scurvy went along. They usually pick up some of his ‘pals’ along the way. It’s a dog’s life I tell ya!

“For hardly any man dances when sober, unless he is insane. Nor does he dance while alone, nor at a respectable and moderate party. Dancing is the final phase of a wild party with fancy decorations and a multitude of delights.”

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sandy A. said...

can't wait to see the Seine Bight pic! Did they build a new community center?