Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gasoline and fried chicken,,,,

As I made an airstrip run yesterday, I remembered to bring a camera. I said there would be pics of the missing community center and here they are.
This one is as you are looking north, while parked at the chiney store. That flat spot on the right, that’s it.

This is while at the veggie store, looking south. It is all smoothed out and you can drive across it if you want. They hauled the remains back behind Lola’s for fill(?)
It does look different!

And this little prick must have been pissed cause his free meal was not out for him. He was staring at me with that expression right there!
That is the very rare Yellow Assed Dickweed. Scientifically known as,
'Kerplop-us 'el Splatter-us.' Latin for "he who shits on deck chairs."
The deck's Master at Arms, Petty Officer FuzzNutts, is aware and will keep an eye on this scofflaw!

"Women might be able to fake orgasms. But men can fake whole relationships."


Anonymous said...

Wow...The road is going to be built. It is also great that they are going to build a new community center for Seine Bight.


Lola said...

Hahaha that sure is one pissed off bird Barn, what's that stance? Looks like he's ready to do a Jackie Chan on you!