Friday, November 7, 2008

Drinkin Belikin beer on the big deck chair,,,,,

Well,, what did I say? Things are beginning to happen now I tell ya. First thing Friday morning who shows up? Vanencio! With two guys and tools! And by 10:00 the concrete footings were poured and are drying right now. I may have a deck very soon!
This must be a union job! One guy with a hose, one guy with a shovel, three guys with their hands on their hips, and a dog!

Then, after all chores were done, it was time to experiment. Corn-Dog Ron,, look out!
I used a can of Tulip brand wieners, made a cornmeal batter, and cooked up some corn puppys! Yee haw! Fuzznutts even loved ‘em! He’s a bit odd tho. He even likes cucumbers and banana’s. They ain’t all beef Oscar Meyers but they ain’t bad! A case of Belikins and you got a par-tay!

They leaked Sarahs speech. The one they would not let her read as they were afraid she would do further damage to the party!
Take a look at this still shot taken from Obama's first press conference. He seems pretty confident!
(thanks zelda!)

I’ve worked out a devious plot to steal Einstein’s brain. So I can drink the alcohol it’s stored in.

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