Monday, November 10, 2008

My 'virtual' doublewide deck,,,,,coming soon?

Some of you may have noticed the excellent sunrises taking place as of late. Every morning there seems to be a photo op. Me, I’m up and around just about 10 minutes too late. In the past I have glanced out the window by my head, seen a huge orange/golden glow, throw off the sheet, clumsily yank on some shorts, somehow manage to get a camera out of the pelican case, stumble down the stairs while wiggling into a t-shirt, peel across the lot dodging toe-bumpers, get to the beach and try to get a shot but my eyes are full of eye-hockey and I can barely see let alone compose a shot, blindly fire off a few ‘hail Mary’s’, and BAM, the good light is gone! And as is stand there cussin, the sand flies find me and start to chow down. So, anymore, if I ain’t up and ready with both camera and bug spray, I just wait for the next one, which is what I have been doing lately. Maybe tomorrow? Here is an older one.

Mrs. Barn is participating in a photo assignment contest thingy thru Flickr. Here is one of her submissions for the subject of “Winter Vacation”.

Scurvy can’t resist a pile of cool dirt or sand. If there is one around, he is dug in and laying on top of it! Once when a dump truck dropped a load of sand/gravel in our parking area, before the truck was back on the road, Scurvy was laying on top!
Well, I guess I may be the same way. I am so ready to kick back and drink beer on my new deck, I couldn’t wait for it to be finished.

My contractor phoned in sick Sunday so that set us back another day. Maybe today?

Went to the M.B. hotel for my weekly bagel fix and just as I suspected, the place is very popular with all the new renovations! If you have not checked out the new pool and outside dining area,, go do it!

Gene Police: You!! Out Of The Pool!

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sandy A. said...

I really like Adrianne's submission for the contest. Do people go vote on the site? If so, make a link or tell me how and I will vote!