Thursday, November 13, 2008

I thought i saw a puddy cat,, I DID, I DID,,,!

Damit. We have gotten busy around here. Folks are comin and going now. I kinda like the ‘off’ season. Kinda hell,, I love it!
“whatcha doin today?”
“you did that yesterday.”
“I’m not finished.”

Yep, I like that pace best! But it don’t pay all that well.

I see there are some requests for deck photos. Actually, that is at the top of my list, right as soon as I get a couple other things done, probably this afternoon. My plan involves climbing a tree, wish me luck!

One of the items on my list is to figure out some sort of bird feeder set-up that is clean and won’t make a mess of the deck. Plus it seems I need to make it cat proof!

He may not see real well, but you can tell hunting is buried deep inside him somewhere.

Here is a shot Mrs. Barn took of our Canadian guest helping us stress test the deck a few nights ago. A real nice girl, eh.

OK,, let me go work on that list of shit I gotta do…….

All my finest athletic feats were executed after six or more drinks.

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Sue W said...

So what happened to that stray kitty that showed up a while ago?