Sunday, October 5, 2008

I wish they all could be California girls,,,,

Out of nowhere sprang up a impromptu beer drinkin session! Ya gotta stay light on yer feet just in case this kinda shit happens. I was ready. I even had pizza dough’s risin on the countertop!
Then, about 6 beers later, someone sez “go get your camera.” Anyway, these are the results.(top one is Mrs. Barns's)
The beauty of small strobes,, I tossed one on a small light stand with a shoot thru umbrella, gave another one to my ‘voice activated’ light stand (Mrs. Barn), made some adjustments and I was done in about 15 minutes!
Mrs. Barn made the suggestion of using the chair with the sea in the background and with a good looking model, well, hell, the camera just takes its own photos! Bob’s yer uncle!

The first thing I think when I can’t find my wallet is, “Great, now how am I going to buy beer?”


cayegirl said...

What happened to the pics you took at pickled parrot when Mark, Ron, the guy from Lost Reef - can't remember his name, and you were playing music?

Barnacle said...

those are in the post dated sept 23rd,,,

sandy A. said...

fun pics!

Anastácio Soberbo said...

Hellow, I like this blog.
Sorry not write more, but my English is not good.
A hug from Portugal

Anonymous said...

Great picture!