Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Finally, a succesfull road trip,,,!

Well that worked! Yes, we finally got away for a night without any major hassles. Apparently our house/critter sitter had some issues with the dog, cat and weather, but we were fine.
Speaking of weather. It’s been raining allot since Monday and I am going to assume that the Kendal bridge is out. No word yet but it is pretty consistent with every rainfall.
We went to P.G. for a night. Driving down I can clear up any misconception about the southern being finished with the pave job. Nope. About 10 miles still being worked on. They were out working on some bridges but no sign of any other crews. I am sure it is due to the rainy season. And sections of the dirt road were slicker than oiled Teflon! Being from Colorado I can say I have never driven on ice while at the same time, the A.C. was blasting!
First stop, NimliPunit.

A very nice ‘little’ ruin site. Easy to walk around, not boiling hot, but no significant structures. There was not allot to see but I would still recommend it as an easy ruin visit.
Can you see Allie’s pink, Chinese snake boots?
Out of there and off to visit another friend at Tranquility lodge. A few beers there, check out the place, and on the road again.

Now, I defy you to tell me you have seen a nicer driveway!

This leads up to an old house built by confederate soldiers after the civil war. It has been re-built very well with a few modern additions, such as the infinity pool!

The guys there were very nice and their hospitality was over the top. I can’t ever remember the dog’s name’s so I call them Nimli and Punit,,!
Thanks for the great afternoon!!
Off to Hickatee lodge.

They only have 3 units and with one other couple in unit #1, the place was full. Good for them in this slow time. We had a nice, evening drinking and visiting with everyone at the small bar. The other couple were a hoot! Older folks about late 60’s I suppose but lots of laughs. Turns out they are members of a nudist colony in California. Yep. Go here ,, if you dare! Memberships available!
A hike thru their jungle trail in the rain was uneventful but worthwhile. Big bats out there!
After breakfast we head back to the plantation house to say our “Adios’s” and hit the road for home.
But not before we were offered brunch of eggs benidict! I told you, the hospitality was great! Didn’t I?
And away we go back down the snot covered dirt road.
Coming back down our own dirt road we can tell it has rained a bit lately. I mean as in the road by the shrimp farm and dump was completely under water! It musta rained a shitload.

Arriving at the Casa, we confirm it as our yard is also flooded. Needless to say the construction crew didn’t work in the rain.
Hearing from our house/critter sitter was fun. Fuzznutts treated him like a burglar! Fuzz was not happy, wouldn’t eat and at some point walked right up and attacked Ron’s leg! Drew blood!
We don’t know what issues Fuzz has but he is a different cat.
Scurvy apparently decided Ron needed some company on the bed. No matter how hard Ron tried, Scurvy was persistent. Finaly, Ron won out and got the bed to himself but it sounds like a restless night between Fuzz crashing around the place in a tantrum, Scurvy wanting to cuddle, and the storm.
So, all in all it was s short but successful getaway.

“Don’t worry, I speak the lingo.”


bananavida said...

Rainfall at our house (shrimpfarm)

Last night 4.3 inches
Night before 1.5 inches
Night before that 1.85 inches

Forget paving, we need a bridge over Jaguar Alley.

Bunkster said...

Ok I will bite, do not know where the long driveway is? Where is it?

Barnacle said...

i can't say fer sure,, but a BDF compound was very close by.

BUNKSTER said...

OK then I know where the driveway is!!! Never been down it yet!

Barnacle said...

it's a private house and i just met the guys, so i am not suggesting anyone put it on their must see 'tour' attractions!
and they have a gate.

Bunkster said...

I met those guys a couple of months ago. The had a break in and got beat up pretty bad. We were getting rid of a german shepard that was not friendly. Both their dogs ran and hid!!! I did not know you knew Penny at Tranquility Lodge!!

Barnacle said...

yea,, they told us about their run-in with the bad guys.
we just met all these folks for the first time.

Bunkster said...

Penny has had a tough time for sure. She keeps trying to get us to buy her place. I tell her whan she gets to 90K US we will talk!