Saturday, October 4, 2008

He's in the jailhouse now,,,,

What we have here is a good news, bad news, good news type situation. With possible more bad news sprinkled in. a little history is in order.
Mrs. Barn and I had not taken a vacation together in 10 years. Whenever we go to visit our parents, she would go to Ill. And I would go to Colo. We couldn’t just leave the house empty and someone needs to be with the animals so we would go in shifts. Then, last year, we get to go together. Someone is going to stay in the casa, feed the kids and away we go to Denver. Well if you remember right last july/august is when there were hurricanes floating all around the Yucatan! We never relaxed up north and the girl staying here now had 2 houses to deal with! So her ‘vacation’ was shot also. We vowed to never leave during the hurricane season even if it’s the beginning. This year we got out states visits done early.
Then as you will recall, a few weeks ago we tried to go to cayo for a few days. Asked the same girl to move in and we were all set. Remember the night before we left? The power went out around 1600 and we spent a hot night in the dark. Got up around 0400 and packed in the dark. Was told the power was still off the next day so we cut it short and returned so she wouldn’t have 2 houses to deal with again!
Fast forward to yesterday,,,we are now all set to try again. We have a room reserved in P.G. and we are makin all the usual preps, charging battrys, packin the shorts, even washed the truck! Then around 1300, BLINK. The current goes out. At 1800 I am beginning to think this is like de’jevu all over again!
You gotta be shittin me,, AGAIN!!! Yes, again, I’m not shittin ya. During the darkness, we dug out our never used cell phone and made some calls. We heard all kinds of reasons for the power being gone. Here are some of them.
Power will be out all weekend cuz BEL did not make their payment to Mexico.
A substation went down and they need parts from Miami.
Pissed off union workers cut the lines.
And a bad driver in Placencia was driving and hit a pole. (Most likely I think)
Either way, power was out in P.G. as well so we all decided to postpone the trip.
I’m not going to reveal the new dates as it seems to be a conspiracy to keep us home.
We had another evening with candles. We had enough candles out for our house/critter sitter you could decorate Inches’s birthday cake! That’s allot of candles!

BLINK,, power came back around 1930, and has remained on ever since. Plus it’s raining now.
But, we may do a BBQ here today just,,,, because.
Boy, sneaking away can be tough!

More good news,,, O.J.,, guilty on ALL 12 COUNTS!!! That murderin bastard is headin for jail! Possibly for the rest of his stinkin, worthless life! I hope he spends his entire remaining days being butt-raped by every swingin dick in the joint. Passed around the cellblock like an inflatable love doll. Taken advantage of by cons and guards alike. Gives up his wedding vows to every serial rapist in the pen. Is forced to wear a ballerina outfit during sex. Gets every STD known to modern man.
What happens in Vegas, really does stay in Vegas!
Enjoy your stay O.J.

A couple of Mrs. Barn's bugs,,

“Keep in mind that, after I do this shot, I may not be the same man you’ve come to love and trust so completely. In fact, you may consider chaining me to a sturdy radiator, if one is handy.”

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Sue W said...

Didn't know Mrs. Barn hails from Illinois. I grew up in Macomb and now live in Crystal Lake!