Friday, October 10, 2008

Hey baby Que Paso,,,,

This shot of the truck gives you an idea of the road conditions on the southern hyway.

While touring around the ruins at NimLiPunit, you come to some tombs. They have been opened and cleaned out. The brochure sez there were royalty buried in them.
I can hear it now, some BTB official peering down into the graves, “OK, you there, you are gonna havta get out of that tomb. We got a tour bus arriving in 2 hours. Get yer shit and get out!”

So the tombs were stripped clean and left open for your viewing pleasure. We will not let a little royalty get in the way of tourist dollars!

Mrs. Barn scouting out the local mushrooms.

If you look, there are some real bargains to be had in Toledo!

I’ve talked the monkey on my back into chipping in on bar tabs.


Bunkster said...

Funny story to add to your memory extravaganza. I got Deb a new laptop 2 years ago, Vista with 1 G ram. Now Vista needs that much just to run OK so decided to upgrade while we are here. Went to Crucial website, got 2 (2G) sticks for a total of 4 G ram in this thing for 67 US including free shipping to us. Try that in Belize City!

Carole K said...

"Hey Baby Que Paso?"

Augie Meyers and the Texas Tornadoes!

rabbitmoon said...

Thought you should know the following about nim li punit:
archaeologist knows that once opened, you cannot leave things "in situ" or they will basically disappear from the air contact as well as the rest of the elements ..rain etc.. Most of the stuff that was in the tomb at Nim Li is either in Belmopan in the vault or in the museum in Belize City where it is protected. Kind of an unfair comment from whoever made it as well as uninformed...not that BTB is averse to promoting tourism or even big on archaeology per se.

Barnacle said...
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