Saturday, October 11, 2008

,,goin on down to the gun sale at the church,,

Got a couple more food reports to dish out, serve up.
The Danube restaurant had their grand opening last Wednesday. I was not in attendance but have heard good reports. You can see their menu here.
Congrats to Herb and Sim,, good luck with the new business!

Also, you all know already I am a huge fan of Dawn’s Grill-n-Go. (DUH, who isn't?)It’s hard for me to pass there without comming to a screachin halt and grabbin my bib!
The other day the only item on her chalkboard was Tamales.

Now there is no way I can turn down a good tamale, or a bad one for that matter, but that’s another day.
Two pork tamales for $7bz. Well, I’m a cow so I ordered 4 pork while Mrs. Barn got 2 chicken.
Let me tell you, these are some of, if not thee best tamales I have had since, since, since I dunno when!
And 2 pork tamales will fill up all but the hollowest tummies. I had the other 2 the next day.
I make my own tamales as well, but they are not even close to Dawns. Hers are what I strive for.

Conclusion: if you see ‘Tamales’ on her sign, GET SOME!!!

The last chow observation I need to make is for the ever popular M.B. hotel. They are closed right now. Doing some remodeling and such, but on Saturdays they still crank out fresh bagels and baguettes.

Two bucks each for the bagels, I forget the price of the baguettes.
But the bagels are among the finest in the tri-country area! You walk in and smell them things and my knees get a little wiggly. As soon as it quits raining I need to go up and snag a load-o-bagels.

And last night was Italian sausage samitches on the baguette bread!!!

Conclusion: try ‘em. You won’t be sorry!

And how 'bout the dead guy in Placencia? Been lying round dead and bloated for 5 days! (Why in thee hell did I include this tidbit in with the food reports I'll never know?) And why did our 'warden', the erstwhile Miss Coston NOT pack his ass outa here?

Late breaking rumor,,,, could be some real interesting shit concerning a certain V.C. chairman coming up soon! Just waiting for more substantiated stuff. Strickly rumor right now. Stay tuned!

I am trying out a new gizmo. On the right, over there, check out the new music player. Please send feedback if you like it or hate it. I will rotate music often. Theres 2 tunes in it now. I thought it could be nice to have some tunes to hear whilst the coconuts drop.

(all photos stolen from internet, so sue me)

“Oh, I’m not a drunk. I’m a drank. As in, I just drank all my beer. But I’m willing to be a drunk if you buy me a drink.”


sandy A. said...

The player works fine! I guess if I navigate away from this page it will stop playing though. You have a fabulous music collection--you should add a new song each day!

cayegirl said...

Damn - you got me goin' with the pic of the bagettes! Still I will stop by MB to check out the real mcoy when I get back next month.

Whenever I think of tamales I remember the little girl on the Hummingbird Hwy that we bought from back in Jan - delicious! - chicken bones and all!