Sunday, October 12, 2008

Beer, BBQ, and a sticky wicket,,

So, it’s Sunday. Nothing else to do but go to the cricket game in town. What would you do?
The last game we attended was the day before Iris. It was called because of rain, and we woke up the next morning to “GET THE HELL OUTA HERE!”
Now, growing up in Denver, I am not an expert on cricket, but after attending a few games I am getting a handle on it. And I have decided it is my kind of sport!

Let me list off some of the reasons why.
Both teams do a lot of drinking. (Maybe this is isolated to Placencia, but I doubt it)

They have drinks and smokes out on the field.
They can call a break any time they want, for how ever they long want.
It’s considered a ‘gentleman’s’ game, no need for a bunch of umpire/referees. Polo did an admiral job of keeping things right!

The games can, and do last for days! (Why? I’m not too sure of the rules yet.)
OK, it can be kinda boring. Sorta like watching women’s golf, but without the women.
Speaking of women, WHERE ARE THE HOTTIE CHEERLEADERS?? If ever a sport needed them, this is it.
Apparently, they asked the V.C. to open the restrooms for this event, nope, wouldn’t do it.
“Come out and support your community”, the e-mail said. But we had to use Amigo’s whizzer? Wassup wit dat?.
All in all, it is a worthwhile event to attend. Beers, BBQ, what the hell else do you need? Oh yea, the hotties, but I digress.

In the juke box today are a couple tunes that relate to Belize.
How's the juke box workin out?

“You better stop drinking because you’re getting


lola said...

OMIGAWD AND MUSIC TOO! Please put in Leave the Biker by Fountains of Wayne and Jericho Road by Steve Earle, Barn. I might be nuts but those are my two #1's this year.

lola said...

ok wha' hoppen to the jukebox?

lola said...

never mind it came back

lola said...

Holy shit Barn where'd you find that song with the fu****ing car? I just came back from the bathroom I peed myself laughing....

Barnacle said...

it was kickin my ass,, but i might have it now.