Thursday, September 4, 2008

Things, they keep a changin,,,,,,,,,

As we drove to the village on Tuesday we notice survey crews plotting and pounding in little stakes in the mud. This is the very first sign of any progress I have seen yet! Maybe, one day,,,,,,,,,,,

Tuesday night was a storm to remember! The lightning and thunder were incredible! One lightning strike took out our TV. It appears everything else survived. Scurvy was all the way under the bed! Fuzz and the little dog seemed OK to just sleep thru it?

Speaking of the little dog, here’s an update.
He’s gone.
Yep, he went out yesterday with Scurvy and never came back. The whole event comes into some suspicion I think. Here’s what happened.
I let Scurvy out in the mornings and he goes and does his business somewhere and makes the rounds thru the Breach. He is almost always back an hour or two later. Then he lounges around here the rest of the day.
With his new little buddy, he was staying gone a bit longer. I figured since he had such short legs, Scurvy was waiting for him a lot.
Well yesterday I never seen them all day.
I had been driving up and down the road trying to find them but had no luck.
Around 4 in the afternoon Scurvy came home, alone and missing his collar. No sign of the little dog yet.
So, we conjured up a theory.
Someone snatched them, had them tied up, and Scurvy was able to slip his collar and make a break for home.
I don’t like to think of other possibilities.
We hope the little guy is OK wherever he is. And he is welcome back here anytime.

I got nothing against mankind, it's people I can't stand


Bunkster said...

Sounds like his owner found them both running? All the regulars in Maya know Scurvy, so maybe the idea of a non local worker is correct?

sandy a. said...

i hope Scurvynever gets snatched up by someone. I hope the little dog is being treated well too.

sandy A. said...

Oh P.S.--Thanks for the update on the road! I can't believe there is actual visual progress no matter how small!