Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Anyone know this dog,,,?

Scurvy’s got a new buddy. He has had many over the years. They seem to come and go.
This little guy showed up here about a week ago and has not left! Word on the street is that it’s possible that his owner is a temp worker somewhere in the area and just leaves his dog behind when he leaves.
So, he is welcome to stay here, I guess. Him and Scurvy get along fine and Fuzznutts even enjoys him. The 2 of them take turns chasing each other. Fun to watch.
The trouble with him meeting new dogs is that they tend to go on walk-abouts for hours. Kinda like, “come on,, let me show you the sights”.
Scurvy has always been his own dog. Never been tied up, very seldom requires a leash,. He spends his nights on our deck, other than that, I hope he teaches the new guy well. Don't have a name for him. I been calling him Sparky?
Looks like if no one claims him, he’s a new member o de pack. We’ll see.

I have a born-on date tattooed on my beer gut.


Sandy A. said...

He looks young? Good for Scurvy to have a partner to run around with!!

Lola said...

There's a little male cat that I've tamed some, he's about a year old, he's nice but my 14-year old kitty won't have him in the house. I need to find him a good home. Anyone interested?

Bunkster said...

There goes the budget for chicken feet!!! Another good looking mutt, think of the photo opportunities!!! Think of all the poop they can roll in together and come home to you!! The possibilities are endless.

Miss Kenni said...

The new youngster is cute! But not as handsome as Scurvy, of course. Kenni