Friday, September 5, 2008

She's got legs, knows how to use 'em,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

A couple quick updates as we ease into the weekend.
First, Doris sez she saw the little dog just a few minutes ago running with her pack. If that is true, maybe either he got tired of Scurvy, Scurvy got tired of him, the rest of that pack don’t like Scurvy, who knows, we will never know anyway. Scurvy is back to lounging around here and I like that best.
Doris don’t need no fancy-schmancy neon sign in front of her place to let you know it’s open, tuday! Brodies ain’t got nutin on Maya Point Market!

The A.C. is down in the Hilux. We have a date with Spanish Lookout to get ‘er fixed up. It’s friggin H-O-T as of late and we have been spoiled. I tell people how this is the first truck in my life with AC, and we have not turned it off yet! Well, maybe we wore it out but we want it back! Driving the road with the windows open just gets you and everything else filthy. And think of the sufferin poor 'ol Scurvy has to endure! I like looking in the mirror and seeing his hair blowin in the cool breeze, with a big grin on his yapper.
So we are going to make a week end out of it.
Take a break in Cayo, shoot lots of much needed new photos as well.
We have some folks moving into La Casa de Barnacle while we are gone so as to keep the animals alive and the bad guys at bay.
Whooo hooo,, road trip!

Also, in case you missed it, Lola has a shout out for someone to adopt a cat of hers.
Get it before the Chiney does!

Speaking of animals, them gotdamn geckos are still procreatin. Here is proof.

He's got 'er in a 3 point lock-down!

And here's the results.

On that note,, see ya next week.

I'm fairly sure a letter to Dear Abby signed “Want To Leave the Bum, But Can’t” was written by my liver.


sandy A. said...

AAwwww! da cute baby gecko! That makes cute baby gecko poop! All over everything!
Have fun---take lots of pics!

Bunkster said...

Hey you guys finally get to take a break together!! Enjoy it while it lasts. And you are not taking the kids? Fuzz will poop all over your bed for that, he loves the kitties in Cayo!!

Anonymous said...

Bll, I've been without power for 4 days now. Just got a generator big enough to run the putor. Saw the little dog in Coco Plum this morning at 7:30. Never saw it before but that's it. I almost stopped to pick it up but 4 is my limit. I'm down from 8.