Sunday, September 21, 2008

There's a Flea circus in town,,,,

With the seas being so calm, what better time than now to wash the fleas off the ritters?

Scurvy rarely has fleas or ticks. He responds well to the drops we squirt on his back. Fuzz on the other hand, usually has a flea circus with full attendance going on.

We have tried every drop medicine we can find, collars too. Now we are using a comb. It works well but you could comb him all day, and he gets sick of it pretty fast. So today they both went swimming. We keep ‘em in long enough to drown any living thing residing in their hair, and we use flea shampoo.

Poor Fuzz, he never quite relaxes.

In case you are wondering just why in thee hell does this guy keep photographing humming birds? It’s because I am after one certain shot. I am close with the lighting and focus. Now I need composition!
I want a shot looking face on, straight ahead, hummer coming right at me. All I get now are these profile shots. I am changing things around, the position of the feeder holes, my angle, even feeders. I wonder if it could be that they want to keep one eye on me?
So I spent a few hours yesterday evening trying some new stuff. I only got one ‘keeper’ and it’s a profile also. But,,I have a goal.

Ignoranus: A person who's both stupid and an asshole.

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sandy A. said...

I dunno if you saw it on the forum, but my suggestion was to attach a flower to the camera, or your head somewhere and then be real real still and they will come right up to you. I put a flower in my mouth once and sat on the porch railing and several hummingbirds came right up to it to check it out!