Thursday, September 18, 2008

Politicians are not the only ones with slime trails,,,,

Well, I had wrote a post yesterday. A rant actuly. It started out slammin lowlife, scumbag developers. Then it veered into the slime pit called US politics, and on into BZ politricks as well. I was on a roll. But, lucky you, I saved it for another day. I decided you don’t want to hear it from me just like I would not like to hear it from you.

So instead, we get to see some photos.

If you were up and on the beach around 0530 a couple days ago this is what you saw, for about 7 minutes.

Mrs. Barns seagrapes and snail.

My liver entered itself in a Tough Man competition.


sa said...

i wanna hear the rant! But you and me see eye-to-eye on a lot of things so I won't send you hate mail or anything!

rabbitmoon said...

great sunrise!!! and can't wait for the shot of hummingbird...that will be a great one to wait out! good one posted too though