Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Who let the dogs out,ruff ruff ruff,,,,,?

After a Sundaze worth of celabratin, the Pickled Parrot decided to hold a ‘Hair of the Dog’ party. It started kinda late for me, around 1600 is when the band started hookin up.
What(?) you may ask got me out of the house so late in the day.


Not yer everyday chicken corn dogs either. Nope, I’m talkin ballpark all beef corn dogs!! Corn dog Ron, as he is referred to, got the ballparks somewhere and he cooked up a mess of these things. They were great! They were so good I just heard my septic belch and say ‘Aaahhhhh’! I’ll send him another batch soon! What? Too much info?

The band was great as well.

This time they consisted of John and a guy I have never met on keyboards and vocals. Then we got a treat.

Jamie, the evening bartender got up and belted out a fine version of ‘Bobby Mcgee’. But the highlight by far was the blue’s number later on. A funky, gritty tune called “Girl from Seine Bight”.

What a hoot!! Corn dog Ron singing his ass off about how his girl from sein bight, well, she just ain’t right. It was a classic!
Time to go. What? It’s still a good time? Well, as with EVERY holiday that rolls around, they are out of beer. Not just out of beer, out of lighthouse too! Every holiday WITH OUT FAIL, certain bars run out of beer and smokes. Then they blame Wallens, saying they were out of beer and smokes.
Now, I’m somewhat slow, but even I can see a solution to this. Neither beer nor smokes go bad, STOCK UP fer crissakes! We left and hit the chiney store and got some barly pops. They had beer!?!?
(this is a retraction, don't believe it)
And,, now it’s raining like a mutha so you can bet the farm that the Kendall bridge is washed out,, AGAIN.
Chicka boom chicka boom, don’t ya just love it,,,?

And a shout out to our good friend,, Lola! She is bloggin now as well. Check her blog on the right,, over there on the side, right there,,,------------------------------>

Now THIS is how to eat a corn dog!!!
(she got one ta go) Easy boyz!

"I don't even know what street Canada is on."

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Heidi said...

I am the wife of the "unknown" keyboard player. He's still in Belize, while I take care of business in the states. Love your blog - keeps me in the loop.