Wednesday, September 10, 2008

And people wonder why i drink,,,,,,or do they?

There has been an unfortunate string of unlikely events. Actually, for Belize, they were not very unlikely after all.
It involves lightning, flooding, blackouts, Mennonites, stampeding cattle, chicken shit, misinformation, Tropic Air, Atlantic Bank, both B.E.L. and B.T.L., exotic meals, more Mennonites, ducks, geese, rabbits, pigs, more blackouts, and through it all, the one constant, lots of Belikin’s!!
Let me finish getting my situation back to normal and I will fill you in.
There’s some good parts.

Beer - . // An intoxicating golden brew that reemerges virtually unchanged one hour later.


Bunkster said...

Did ya get your new puter set up yet?

Bunkster said...

did you hear that two of the poeple on the Tropic plane were posters, Gay and David, on the AC board? He had two fractured vertebrae but is out of the hospital in a neck brace. Channel 7 said minor injuries!!!

sandy a. said...

i've been wondering whassup?! Enquiring minds want to know!