Thursday, September 11, 2008

Road trip,, part 1,,,,,,

Every year around this time we have at least a month of downtime. Like most everyone else the business slows way down. We plan for it and rat-hole some cash to get us through. We also look forward to the free time and try to enjoy ourselves some. Seems we didn’t rat-hole enough moola this year as everything that could go wrong has.
Awhile back I mentioned our new refrigerator, the Daewoo. I guess you could say that started things off. But last week we had a thunder and lightning show that was a doozy! Well, it smoked our T.V.
The A.C has been out in the truck for a month or so and we made a date with the Mennonites in Spanish Lookout to get er fixed. That’s a long ass day to drive up there and back so we decides to make a trip out of it, spend a couple nights in Cayo. We lined up someone to stay in the crib to look after things like the dog and cat. Then the Mennonites postpone us for a week,, OK, we can deal with that too.

The date is for Friday at 0800 in S.L. at the A.C. shop. We have to get up and leave around 0500 to make it. Sitting around here Thursday night when BLINK out goes the power. Right around 2000 while watching the slime pit they call politics in the states. Mind you there is ab-so-freakin-lutly no breeze this night. Hot as Hades, skeeters circling. We just go to bed and have a terrible night’s sleep. 0400 rolls around and the lights are still off. We go ahead and get ready to go, pack our stuff and all in the dark. “Oh the power can’t be out much longer,, can it?” hop in the truck and head north.

We make S.L. about 0845 and slide the truck into the stall. As we plop down at the picnic table, a young Mennonite guy starts dismantling the dashboard. After about 2 hours, the boss comes by and asks if the kid told us what’s going on. The conversation went like this,,,
Boss man: “we have done this before. We did one just last week.”
Me: “I can tell, kid looks like he could do this with one hand tied behind his back.”
Boss man: “yes, he has strayed from the flock but he is trying to return.”
Me: puzzeled,,”Uh,, OK,,, he’s young and limber, he can bend under the dashboard easy.”
Boss man: “yes, he will return to us.”
Note to self: don’t bother with the humor in S.L. just keep the conversation on an even keel.

A total of 4 hrs and $444.00 later we pull out and head for the Golden Corral for lunch. The A.C. unit is making ice!! Mrs. Barn puts beers by her feet to chill down! (yes, we brought our own case of beer to S.L.)
Lunch at the G.C. was,,, different. Good but different.
We picked up some supplies and hit the farmers market. Actually got out of town not spending too much on stuff.
All photos by Mrs. Barn,, I'm driving!
Next stop, Succotz.

The glass isn’t half empty or half full. It just needs to be topped off.


Bunkster said...

You got your AC again!!! WOOOOHOOOO Every vehicle I have brought to Belize, the AC quit after a month, I spend bookoo bucks to try to get it fixed and still no work.

Anonymous said...

So your Power went out last Tuesday? That's a week ago YESTERDAY. Mine is still out. Never came back on. Bitchin don't do anything but cost me another day and $50.00 in gas. It's to the point now, we can't sleep without the generator humming in the night. Think I'm going to tape it so we can sleep after the power comes back on. And what of the Daewooooooo???
Glad your a/c is working.

sandy a. said...

Glad your a/c is working again! I'm enjoying your story and awaiting part 2 !!!