Friday, September 12, 2008

Road trip,, part 2,,,,

We were to meet some folks I know from the internet and they graciously allowed us to stay the night at their place. I have never been here, Mrs. Barn has been in the area before. She gets all the cool trips.
They put us up in the guest house which was just fine. One thing we hadn’t counted on was the wildlife.

These folks try to be self sufficient even when it comes to meals. I must have seen 100s of ducks, rabbits, chickens, hens, guinea pigs, goats, one very large pig, ducklings, chicken puppies, goat puppies, geese, BIG geese! The things were everywhere. Pretty cool if you ask me,, cept for the shit. They can produce a fair amount of shit.

Dinner was a treat. Duck stuffed with another duck! I don’t recall the name of the meal but it had one. They took a duck skin and layed it out. Then had another duck they had seasoned and chunked up to almost a sausage consistency that they stuffed it with. They then sewed it up like football and shoved it in the oven. I thought it was very good and new to me.

The phone rang about then. It was our house/animal sitter. Power was STILL off and she couldn’t find the candles. Me thinks she just wanted to let us know she was somewhat miserable.
Anyway, after a night of bullshittin and drinkin, we turned in. We decide to call in the morning and if the power was still out we should go rescue her and let her deal with her own fridge and stuff. No need to ask her to deal with our thawing out food plus hers.
And with us being up in the part of the country that has food and lots of it, the temptation to buy lots was stymied by a few facts. One, we want to hoard in case the bridge washes out again or some other reason we are cut off, but you can’t because you can’t trust that the power will stay on! It’s a fine line there. Whenever we score something rarely seen in the village in the way of meat, we are always worried about the freezer. Got to eat it NOW.

After a good nights snooze, we phoned her up. No answer. She said last night her cell phone battery was about shot and she couldn’t charge it so we figured it was still out. We phoned someone in the village to see what’s up. Power still out, in fact even more areas are now affected with no idea when it will return.
Well that cinches it. We need to go home and deal with our problems. We regrettably said our goodbyes and started the trip home. But not without a stop at the Tropical Wings butterfly farm. Kinda hokie, but worth the stop.

After a couple stops in Belmopan, we head south.
Along the southern hyway, we come across this stampede! They needed Scurvy out there to help round up these strays! Yea,, right.

As we pull into our drive, we notice activity? Turns out,, the current came back about midnight and has been on ever since! Our house/animal sitter’s phone didn’t ring because she had it turned off to enjoy the peace and quiet under the fan above the bed!! And the other person we called was wrong in the info we got. So,, here we are, one day short of a 2 day vacation. Oh well. All’s well,, almost.
Get unpacked and fire up the computer for e-mail. Nothing. CRAP!!
We half-assed expected it to die soon as it was a cheap, no-name Belizean model anyway. But we were a few weeks late on back-ups!
That sucks.

Next up,, How to buy a computer,, the hard way,,,!

Oh, and this speckled racer was enjoying his frog when we pulled into the drive.
This ones mine, all other photos are Adriane's.

Apparently, I am allergic to leather because every time I wake up with my shoes still on, my head kinda hurts


sandy a. said...

Holy crap, the flock has GROWN since we were at Darwin Farm!
I'm lovin' the pix of everything though. We enjoyed the butterfly farm too and i got a great (for me) shot of a "malachite" butterfly. Never knew there could be green butterflies!

Miss Kenni said...

Barn, glad you enjoyed Darwin Farm and its most estimable chef.