Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Money for nuthin get your kicks for free,,,

Hmmm. Construction did not start Monday, no one showed up. Not so much out of the norm really.
Tuesday we are off to the village, check book in hand. Over the last few years it has gotten noticeably more expensive to make our once a week trips. Everything has gone up, ‘cept beer! We spread a fair share of loot around town. All 3 hardware stores, at least one chiney store, wallens always gets a pile, send our tax dollars thru the mail, a lite snack at grill-n-go, cable, phone and internet, fuel up the ride, and lately an afternoon knockin back cold ones at Cozy Corner. Wanted to check out Barefoot today but there is some hair cutting going on at another location Mrs. Barn wants to be involved with.
But each month we seem to be spending more and more.
Good news for me at least,, is that my memory for the computer will be here! Yep, memory I refused to buy localy at over 4 times the cost!
Now don’t get me wrong. I am all for buying locally if possible. Need a skillsaw? Get it here. You will pay more than you would at Home Depot but the hassle involved getting it elsewhere to save a few bucks is not worth it plus you are supporting your local hardware store. Parts for my truck? Same thing. Since it’s a Hilux I need to get them here, but they are a bit more pricey.
Of course there are exceptions. When I need a camera part for instance. There is not a Nikon dealer within 500 miles of here. Probably more! So I go to the internet. Not gonna ship a $700US piece of glass thru the mail now are we. So I ask a friend to bring it to me. If they slap him with duty, I’ll pay. So far they seem to allow lens thru.
But this computer memory thing is just insane! Who in their right mind would pay close to $900BZ for $80US worth of circuit boards???? Not me, that's who!
I'll leave that to a couple people who cry that I'm screwing the system.

No babes today,,,,

“Things are a lot more like they used to be than they are now.”


sandy A. said...

Barn, I think that EVERYONE is paying more and more every month!

sandy A. said...

Hey Barn,
I saw a Nikon (new) on Ebay that looked like it had all the bells and whistles a non-pro like myself would need, plus it came with an underwater housing. Is Nikon your prefered brand?

Barnacle said...

yes,, i am partial to nikons,,,
you gonna buy it?

sandy A. said...

I dunno yet...gotta wait until things pick up at the shop...I'm reading reviews and hunting baragins. I especially like the idea of having the underwater housing!

sandy A. said...

Ok, I looked at a Nikon COolpix P5100 on amazon.com. It was 12 megapixels. I can get an underwater housing for only 20.00 (also from amazon) that goes down to 30 ft. which is all i need because I only snorkel. Whaddya think about that? It might be my b'day prez to myself.