Monday, September 29, 2008

Just an old man with an old song,,,

Construction begins today. Yep, ‘che Barnacle is getting an upgrade. We hired a friend from the village who does all our wood work for us. You all may know him, Venancio Chi. He does very good work that falls into our price range.
First on the list is to level La Casa. We have a serious westward lean going on. All the cat toys, beer bottles, anything that rolls ends up piled against the west wall. The house has setteled over the years and with each large truck that passes it settles that much more. We could/should have done things a bit different at the start but money is and always has been tight. So he is going to jack up the one end and slide some Belikin coasters under it. Should work.
Next job is one I am really looking forward to. We have replaced the decks on the 2 rentals and now it’s our turn. Only difference is we are doubling the deck size! YEAH BABY!! Gonna spread out a bit, enjoy life by 6-ft more! Looking forward to this upgrade!
We are inked in to go to PG this weekend and we also have our usual house/critter watcher coming to stay. The first time we did this there were hurricanes all around the area and she couldn’t un-lax and enjoy the peace of the Breach. Second time the power was out. What could go wrong this time? Well,, maybe there will be no deck or stairs? I’ll keep you filled in.

I see a couple suggestions for a calendar or two were dropped into the comment box. I like the idea allot, especially the ‘old timers’ version. So I have a request. Could someone with access to a resource look into what it takes to do a calendar? A nice, quality one. Price and time frames would be good. Or, does anyone know who does them here? Good quality ones?
Plus,, could anyone who knows of some elders who would be willing to let me poke a lens at them, ask them if it’s OK and let me know. I have a few in mind but could use more! I agree,, I would love to get them some well deserved recognition. I like the idea!
Here are a few more shots from the other day sprinkled in.

“When I think about all the people out there that want to kill me, I’m just glad as hell I’m in here drinking with my friends. You are my friends, right?"


Sue W said...

Check this site for calendar printing:

Bunkster said...

Also bring your camera to market in PG. Lots of great faces there

sandy A. said...

Venancio did Ray's place too and I want him to do mine.