Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I dreamed I was,,,, nailin Sarah Palin,,,?

Another good day in the village. Got shit done, had some beers, some laughs, all’s well.
An impromptu charity event sprung up. It was offered to Mrs. Barn that if she got ALL her hair cut off, I mean buzz cut, there would be a 250.00 check made out to the school. Other offers could follow.
Off she goes to get it cut. Did the school get a check? No. she got about 2 inches cut off, that’s it.
Oh well, it was good for some of those laughs I mentioned.
Still no sign of my construction crew. Have to check and see if there has been any alien abductions reported lately.
They graded the road. If anyone doesn’t already know, it’s very nice right now. But speeds are up so be alert.
My computer RAM memory arrived! Wooo hooo! I am going to go test photo software real soon.
Thanks suitcase man!

Mrs. Barn's doodle of me doodle'in photos.

“You wanna get the hell out of here?”
“Sure! What’s in it?”


Lola said...

hey Barn, got a couple old timers lined up for you, sent a message to Inches they say he agreed, and Angelus Press does great calendars but you need to talk with them as I don't know the format you would like to do, the price varies with size etc

Barnacle said...

allrighty then,, i'll get with you soon!

Anonymous said...

There is a lady named Ethel Jackson Ms. Cuncoo). She is in her 80's and has lived in Placencia all her life. She used to run a farm/store. Lives next to David Vernon, he's her nephew. Son is Charles Cabral. She would be great for te calender.