Sunday, September 28, 2008

I got a Nikon camera, I'd love to take your photograph,, so mama don't take my Kodachrome away,,,

I may have mentioned this before but my photography skills with ‘models’ is very limited. It’s a cold day in Belize when I find someone willing to be my ‘victim’ for an hour or even less.
Yesterday I had the good fortune to have 2 very pretty young girls who were more than willing and had all the moves already lined up! Everything went so smooth that the girl’s mom, a hottie in her own right, got in on the act. (mom sends a shout out that she is also available!) We covered the whole gambit from beach bikini scenes, shorts and tank tops in the trees, to formal wear in the bush! I believe I shot around 250 images. Mrs. Barn was right in there as well, shooting,, not climbing trees! With my computer memory arriving soon, I only processed a few. Here is a glimpse at how my afternoon went. Yep,,, it was fun!
Thanks to Helen and the girls, and Lola for setting it up!

"I kinda like it when the girl makes me buy her a drink or two before making out with me—makes it look like she has standards. At least one of us should."


sandy A. said...

Lovely ladies! really sharp pics! You NEED to do a Maya Beach calendar, or maybe 2--one of scenes, and one of ladies.
(not like the old calendar! I still have mine!)

Lola said...

Definately 3 calendars Bill, do one of old men and ladies of the peninsula! That would be a first! Imagine Inches as the cover model, there's a lot of cool old people around.