Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's a hard rain,, gonna fall,,,,,,,,,

Another night of hard rain. The Kendal bridge is soo washed out! Where the hell is Uncle Sam and his loaner? I can only wonder. You know got damn good and well if they wanted that bridge here they could do it overnight! Remember that bridge that collapsed in I think Minnesota? They replaced it with a brand new ‘smart’ bridge in 13 months! They estimate 2 years for our new one. I say 4, minimum.
Heard a rumor that a boat tipped over making the crossing and someone may have been hurt.

And still no progress on the pave job. I predict I will not see pavement at my house for over a year from now, if ever! It will take them 6 months to build the campsite at the junction! It sure will be nice when it’s done!!! I won’t cringe every time the idea of going somewhere comes up.
I remember some of the ‘against’ arguments for paving the road. Two of them stand out.
“Why pave the peninsula road when it is paved to independence? Tourists can go there and take the boat over.”
This person assumes the only reason for paving is to make it easier for tourists to drive here?
Did he not even consider anyone else? The residents, the delivery’s, the cops, the buses, the cabs, anyone else?
Another one that sticks out was the person who said “paving will only benefit the developers and the people north of the village. The village residents don’t have a need to pave all the way, why take out a loan to benefit these people?”
That was from a one week per year visitor who must not realize life exists past the sidewalk?
Anyway, at least they have somewhat started.
I heard another comment that I just remembered that is somewhat similar to the ‘head in the sand’ syndrome of some ‘transplants’.
This guy actually told me, “I don’t need a camera, I live here.” I was at a loss for a response. I truly didn’t know what to say. So I said, “can I get another beer here please.” To the bartender.

With all this rain and lighting, power has been off and on allot. I’m gonna wrap this little rant up with a couple photos, even tho I live here?

"No man should marry until he has studied anatomy and dissected at least one woman."

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Bunkster said...

I was told that the guy was trying to get the dorry across and had a heart attack. Was told he died. Bridge said to ber open now, but for how long is any bodies guess!