Friday, September 26, 2008

"Gawd, I love the smell of BBQ and Belikin in the mornin,,,,

Got some rain again this morning. Bet the bridge washed away. Good thing they can slap on a new layer of dirt so quick. We barely notice it’s gone anymore. Word on the street is the US donated bridge should be here soon. I hear it will also be assembled by the US army. I think that’s best,, it’s their bridge, they will no doubt do a better and quicker job since it should all be familiar to them.
I have this vision in my noggin. With the BBQ’s fired up on both sides of the river, rasta’s sitting under the trees passin a dube back and forth, small crowds in various shady areas with coolers of beer, while Colonel Kurtz, in his creased, spotless fatigues commands his troops. 30 US army bridge assemblers runnin round busily settin it up.
“Hut hut hut hut hut hut hut hut hut hut hut hut hut hut hut,,,,,,,,,,,”
“shvvvvvvv,, Ear,,” (that’s the sound of ‘cool dog’ smoking his spliff and passin it on.)
“Yes Mon, we be makin ‘Griga by morning. Shvvvvvvvvv.”
“Hut hut hut hut hut hut hut hut hut,,,,,,,”

Allrighty then!
I’m gearin up, straighten me head, chargin batterys, cleanin glass.
Lola has come thru with some models! (I knew she would) and a ‘shoot’ has been scheduled.
Time to work on my people skills. I have limited experience with ‘models’ so all I asked for was some patience. If all goes as planned, the next blog you see will be Barnacle’s version of a Belikin calendar!

edit: why is there no "R" in Colonel???

"Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia."


Bunkster said...

I have visions of the movie
"The Bridge on the River Kwai"
Did you ever watch that old flick?

sandy A. said...

And have you noticed that the word "colon" is in "Colonel"???
PS vision of the scene by the Kendall Bridge area crack me up!