Saturday, August 30, 2008

Don't buy insurance from this lizard,,,

I had to go crank up the volume. Pink Floyd at 7 seems to work.
I am using this to drown out the noise of the little caterpillar next door spreading out the lagoon sand the dump truck is dumping on the for sale lot.
In their zeal to sell, either the owner or the realtor has sprung for fill for the lots for sale around here. Granted, they need fill, but I am not sure that dark gray, almost black lagoon sand is a wise choice. I don’t know how long before it bleaches white or some other pleasant color. At least it has dried out and don’t stink. And it may help with the skeeters!

Speaking of bugs, I caught this little guy last night trying to sell insurance! I believe it is the same one who crapped on me earlier. Can't you just hear him now in his Australian accent, "Well, now, this seems to be a bit of a sticky one ay! I say it's a good thing I have insurance with Geico ay."
I got yer Geico right here!

(Factoid: He was released unharmed, tail intact. Free to shit on me another day.)

A couple scenes from the village yesterday by Mrs. Barn.
That’s the Raggamuffin boat from Caye Caulker arriving here. I hear they port hop all the way down, drop off the passengers, and return.

I was genuinely excited about Cingular’s “More bars in more places” promise until I found out they were talking about cell phones.

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