Saturday, August 16, 2008

Youtube Myspace, and I'll Google your Yahoo.

Whoa man,, I’m inna slump. Photo wise that is. It happens. Missus Barn and I are looking at a road trip. A photo safari so to speak. There is an ‘Image Request’ sent out by BTB asking for folks to submit images for use in their marketing plans. So, there ya go! A reason to get out and trip some shutters!
Thought about going to San Pedro to meet some folks up that way, lay up drunk for a few days. Then I remembered that ‘layin up drunk’ and ‘trippin shutters’ don’t exactly work out as I would like. DUH!
Fun, but lousy photos.

So we are looking at the San Iggy area. I would like to hit the butterfly farms out that way also. I know a few folks out yonder that we may be able to visit with as well. We have a serious drop in guests coming up soon so we need to think about this.

Missus Barn on the other hand, is not in a slump. Photo wise or other wise. She is finding some features on her new Canon she has not tried yet. All these photos and those from the most recent posts are hers.

Heard from Miss Lola today that the grader had broke down near CocoPlum somewhere. She said, (you can see her comment in the comments area), the guy was beating on the blade with the biggest hammer she has ever seen! Now, from Lola, you know that’s gotta be a big-ass hammer!

<--Mayor of
Mental Breach?

I have a few requests that I will address here.
No, I don’t know how Malu did in the final standings of the dart tournament. But I will ask around.
No, I don’t necessarily want to plop down for 1-on-1 JaggerBombs with Brice. Or anyone else for that matter.
No, that hairy tramp from San Pedro never contacted Scurvy, the bitch!
Yes, one day I will figure out how to publish my ‘hate mail’ in its own area. Just don’t know how yet.
Yes, I am getting hate mail. What would life be without it?

The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them.

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sandy a. said...

who the heck is that hairy man?