Sunday, August 17, 2008

Home Improvement? I don't think so,,,,

We get our newspapers delivered on Saturdays. Today, (Yesterday for you)the 16th we got papers dated the 17th. That’s some fresh news!
Reading an article about the Kendall bridge and how often it has washed out. So often now that they do in fact have a pile of dirt there ready to be sprinkled back on. They said after it washes away, it takes about 5 hrs to put it back. During those 5 hours, all you can do is sit and wait. And naturally, there are some enterprising folks who recognize the sound of opportunity when it knocks. As soon as it washes away, they come out and set up their BBQ stands. Hell yea, if I'm stuck there for hours some chicken would hit the spot! And you know a cold beer can be found!

Here is a shot of those two youngin’s and their golf cart.

19 yrs old and blasting around the Caribbean with your hottie in a golf cart,,,sounds like fun!
When I was 19 I was being yelled at by a drill instructor!

I have been having a reoccurring dream. It reoccurs at an alarming rate too. I don’t know what if anything triggered it either.
It always starts the same way. I am wallpapering my house. I hang wallpaper in every room including the garage!
Then I move to the neighbor’s house. Just hanging and smoothing, hanging and smoothing. All night long!?
I don’t get it.
And what really makes it so weird is just how realistic these dreams are! After each wallpaper dream, I wake up with a handful of paste!?!?
Now that's strange.

<--No, not my photo. But may be contributing
to this dream?

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Roll up your pants . . . it’s too late to save your shoes.


Anonymous said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOO there Trigger!!!! Tonto need help with these Indians.
Is this an attempt to drum up some business at your Bungalow's? Is that your dock? It should work.
Or is this the wallpaper.

Sandy A. said...

Those gals drawers must've gotten eaten off by a shark!