Tuesday, August 5, 2008

You want fries with that,,,?

You never know what will be blaring at you from a Belizean newspapers headlines each week. I have seen close up photos of a dead guy, while dead! Look at last week. Photo of a guy bitten right on the schnoz by a tommy goff. Blood running down his face as he lies in the back of a truck.
But my all time favorite was a few years ago.
I get my paper and head to the library for some ‘quality time’. Right there, jumping out at me in huge letters,
Well now, this catches my eye. Actulay it was a story about fisheries or health dept (I don’t remember which) conducting searches of restaurants for illegal lobster and such.
The inspectors are checking a Chinese place in Cayo when they go out to the back and find a guy cleaning a dead cat in the slop sink. The cleaner denies it saying ‘it’s a Gibnut’. The inspector sez, ‘that’s a cat head not Gibnut right there on the counter.’ The cleaner guy fesses up, ‘yes it’s a cat, but it is for our personal use.’
They continue their inspection and find more puss parts in the freezer. Now they close the restaurant and confiscate the puss parts.

We figure we had heard the last of it as it seems rare they ever publish a follow up on something like this. But the next week, we see that they did a follow up story. They could not prove the restaurant was selling Cat-Suey to the public, not for their personal use. Charges were dropped, AND evidence returned!

NOTE: This posting has no relationship to yesterdays posting with the photos of Fuzznutts. Behind Mexican, Chinese is still one of my favorite foods!

I can walk into a 7-11 at 2am, look at the cheese dog that’s been mutating on the grill since 8am and think, “Man, that looks tasty!”

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Sandy A. said...

I guess what you dont' know won't hurt you!!