Thursday, August 7, 2008

Merrily merrily merrily merrily, life is but a dream,,,

Tuesday was a town day for us. No stopping off at the bar for gossip, just get in, get ‘er done, and get out. There was a few note worthy sites along the way.
The recently un-paved section of road is just about back to being as bad as it ever has been. It’s heading that way quick. They are still getting creative with the speed bumps tho. Using palmetto trees and boulders.
The new big building going up across from the Chiney is moving right along. I don’t know for fact, but it would make sense that this will be the new community center. I’ll ask around.
No, absolutely no sign of any road work anywhere. And the road is now as bad as ever with all the rain. With each glimmer of hope for a pave job, it makes every trip out just seem worse and worse.
The big huge land project near Turtle Inn has gotten their pee pee’s slapped. They were issued a stop order from the forestry dept for destroying mangroves after the moratorium was put into place. As you can see from these photos, I’m sure they are saying ‘what mangroves? I don’t see any mangroves.”

As we all know, it will not stop anything, it will only delay it for a bit till some palms are greased or whatever it takes.
Here’s a quote from the Amandala,

“Even with the moratorium in place, enforcement has been a challenge. On June
25, 2008, the Forest Department had to write a developer, Reagan's
International, calling on them to cease mangrove clearance, citing
regulations for the protection of mangroves and a possible fine of up to
$1,000 and/or 12 months jail time for contraventions of the regulations.”

Oh Whoop-De-Doo,,these are the type people that spend $1,000 on lunch! I’m pretty sure they just laughed at that.

{Developer celebrating! Bad example but you get the idea.}

Besides, as you can see the damage is long since done. What now?

And with the recent round of trash washing up on 20 miles of what is called Belize’s nicest beachs, we have had armys out trying to restore that nice-ness. So then what happens? The fleet of trash trucks break down! It’s a cold day on the peninsula when everything is working smoothly. Phone, electric, cable, internet, trash service, cops, the road, a bridge at Kendall, delivery trucks, or sunshine. There is not a day when all those areas are functioning well. OK,, every once in awhile it seems like alls well but the next day KAPOW, one or more will fail. Trash is really showing up on the top of everyones bitch topics lately. As more and more people show up and more construction goes on, more trash appears. And the system can’t handle it right now. So it seems anyway. There is a V.C. meeting coming up on the 14th and I bet ‘ol Brian gets hammered about the trash situation.

I’m gearing up for a scouting mission to Mango’s for gossip. It’s been awhile so this should pay off!

Let’s face it: modern life is a shit storm and booze is the only umbrella without any holes in it.


Sandy A. said...

I am like totally missing Mango's! You tell them all I say "HI"!

Sue W said...

So how did you manage the video loop? Cool.

BZbound said...

Now see, Barn, this exerpt is PRECICELY why i hoped youd start this "blogging adventure" awesome read....thanks so much for your effort into A The Coconuts Drop...its a great peice o work.....

Anonymous said...

Good read but, How is Scurvey? We haven't heard a word from the _itch.