Sunday, August 3, 2008

Yer Honor, I was inside de closet mindin me own bizniz,,,,

Look at all the news reports we have heard about GOB officials benifitting from bribes, and under the table deals. Musa giving contracts to his buddies and relitives. It has been the top news, next to murders for years now. Just how corrupt they can be.
The new admin wants to reel them in, clean out the thieving bastards, and China has set a fine example of how to do it!
Kill ‘em!
But Belize has to be careful. Remember when I mentioned about how without speed bumps the population would fall drastically? Well if they start snuffin out crooked, theivin politicians, it could get real lonely around here.

Update on the moron who let the tommy goff chomp his nose.
Seems he will live. Due to quick response from his neighbors and the fact that the hospital had anti venom. He sez he will pursue other ways of income rather than showing off his snakes.

I'm not sure when Mary Ann snuck out my apartment last night, but I figure it was about the same time Mrs. Howell snuck in.

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Sandy A. said...

I missed the snake bit! where can I read about it?