Monday, August 4, 2008

Wow man,, look at the lights,,,,

Whoa,, I don’t know about you but we got some rain last night! A couple times it even came in from the west, that’s rare.
I haven’t been to the beach yet to see if I gotta go rake again, but the way it was blowin I don’t doubt it.
I wonder if the dirt bridge is still up over the Kendall river? It’s up, it’s down, it’s up again,, we’ll see.
All this mud would make it kinda rough on the people paving the road. Who? You know, that old fairy tale about paving the road.
I understand it is a huge job, so they best get started! I have not seen or even heard about anyone doing anything! They were the ones who said they were to begin immediately. Hopefully, they are ‘on it, like Oprah on a baked ham’.

I have some time as of late and things have been kinda stale since the hummingbirds. But I also have some ideas bouncing around the ‘ol brain compartment. I get a lot of photo inspiration from a blog I read every day, like it was the Bible daily beer sale ads. I really want to learn this style of lighting. Half of my gear is not from this decade so I can’t use all the fancy-pants radio controls and super swanky auto exposure that others can, but the results could be the same.
And when that lighting guru made one of my photos a favorite on flickr!! I got all inspired!

So, that’s my mission,, learn this. I already have a good grasp and some good results but watch for the new stuff. You can teach an old dog to drink beer, er, no, wait,, new tricks, yea,, that's it.

To you "Last call!" sounds just like "Please don’t leave! We love you and you're charming wit!"


Sue W said...

You have the "eye" and I'm sure you can learn the tricks!

sandy a. said...

they probably won't start the road in earnest until it dries up some.
There are so much wonderful subject matter on the peninsula, Sue W. was right--with your eye you can make beautiful pics without all that fancy modern stuff!

Drew Travers said...

Clearly you belong in the company of those folks on the Strobist blog site. They shoot some great stuff and so do you! I can see what I'm going to be spending my "spare time" trying to figure out...