Saturday, August 2, 2008

Forks and spoons and bad guys oh my,,

If you read the news this morning, there were a couple interesting items.
First, the scumbag that the cops killed was also the same scumbag who was terrorizing Mennonites in Spanish Lookout!
The world is a better place without this dick walking around. Good job cops!
Another item worth mentioning is that there is an arrest warrant out for the president of Belize Bank. Yep, Barrows troops want that missing money back and rightfully so I say.
Interesting point, the guy is ‘out of country’ right now. He would be arrested at the airport if he returns so I bet he doesn’t return till Ashcroft clears him a path that doesn’t include jail! And that most likely won’t take long seeing how money works around here.
I can only hope that they keep churning through the crap and finally get to the top. I want to see the cops go after Musa and Fonseca like a rat after a cheeto!

0600 and the winds are just about howling. I can only imagine what the beach looks like this morning. I am told plastic has been washing up everywhere again still.

I wonder if we will ever hear where it all came from. And I also wonder if the trash trucks will be picking up the bags everyone is setting out? It’s a mess.

Kendal bridge is out again. Yep, warshed away Thursday night.
If anybody sees a truck with a Bailey Bridge on it just wanderin ‘round lost, give the guy directions to Kendal would ya! I’m starting to hear jokes. Similar to ‘paving the road’ jokes!


Experience is that marvelous thing that enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again.


Sue W said...

Glad to see Scurvy looking healthy again!

Anonymous said...

Ah, now we see the real author at work :<) Fuzznuts is doing a fine job! Miss Kenni

Anonymous said...

Scurvey is lookin good but still looking east for his Girl? He looks like he's put on a few lbs. Maybe from all those chicken feet