Monday, August 25, 2008

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Annette sent this link out so i may as well keep with the theme.

Here some of my memories of the same people.
From I think the first weekend we arrived in the area we attended horseshoes at the Lagoon Saloon. Every Saturday without fail, plan the weeks work around it. Even haul our guests if they wanted to go. It’ wasn’t so much a horseshoe game as the social event of the week. Lots of folks would show up. We could see our new friends we met and get to know them better each week. You had the players and the watchers but all were enjoying it. The crowd of ‘old timers’ that hung out under the thatch on the pier were dubbed the “Joint Chiefs of Staff”. Always a doob goin ‘round with a few others stashed in the thatch. Mike and Bonnie ran a good bar. $1.00 rums for happy hour, meat pies, lots of fun. First prize at ‘shoes’ was $50.00, second was a L.S. t-shirt. Following the match was always a money round. $5.00 a head, winner take all.
Let me just say this, We kicked some ass! Lots of chicken money and at least a dozen t-shirts! Me and Malu got into allot of throw-offs. Adriane did dam near as well over the years.
At these events is where we met lots of others. Miles and Tanya for instance. When they blew onto the scene, there were bets on how long they would last. I tell ya, it was controversy after controversy with them 3!
The kid turned to thieving and drugs. Got sent to Belize’s version of juvy hall.
Miles and Tanya were always either fighting or causing some other rukus. Many times we would pick her up on the road as she was ‘leaving’ Miles, helped her move out a couple times too.
Oh, then she met Gary-funa, The Punta King. A friend of ours from Alberta. Head over heels she went. As she hung around in the Breach with ‘Funa, Miles was out looking for her. One night I had to get out of bed and chase him off the property at midnight as Adriane had just been hanging out the window yelling at him. She called him a “Beady eyed prick”! A scene she still denies?
Then Miles died cleaning up after the hurricane. His family gave his boat to a local pirate. Next thing I know, I’m in court! But that’s another story for another day.
I never met the Fox’s. I think it’s safe to say we didn’t run in the same crowds.
We did meet the Dusa’s.
While we were clearing our little slice of the Breach we were renting a house. Lee Dusa was in the market for a watchman to live at his place being constructed and was willing to pay. We went to apply for the job.
He would get me a gun permit, I was not allowed to leave the property at any time for any reason. He would arrainge to have food brought in. he would be ringing a phone at random times and you BETTER answer it to prove you were there.
We declined his offer. He had some serious paranoia issues.
Later, he wrote this e-mail to everyone (I still have my copy) about how he wants to address the crime on the peninsula.
It seemed to piss everybody off very well and he put his mansion on the market and I have not heard a word about him since.
Now we come to this ‘Wild Bill’ goombah.
I can safely say, I have never met a bigger bullshitter in my life! The crap that would flow from his pie hole was the type that just pisses me off. I take it as you think I am soooo stupid that I will believe even this.
At the Siene Bight hotel with Janet was when I got the best one. He told so many he couldn’t keep them straight himself!
He claimed to have worked at Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons plant outside Denver.
They paid him $300.00 an hour! He was on call 24/7 and carried a pager. Once while in a bar, his pager went off. They needed him at the plant RIGHT NOW! He was too drunk so he brought his friend with him and told him what to do. Which button to push ect. It got to be too much for him so he quit,, opened the largest Harley dealership in Texas. But that got old as well,,,
And as for his military time, his stories had more holes in them than a wiffle ball.
He did live above Wallens when there was an apt up there.
I didn’t like the guy.

There was a gap of about 5 years where we had no camera, but here’s a couple i found from the horseshoe daze.

Me, Adriane, Mickey, Ray, Tanya, Sherry

Me and Eddy Leslie,

Two winners?

Hangovers only last a day, but a good drinking story lives on forever.


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