Tuesday, August 26, 2008

This will only hurt for a little while,,,,

One area (of many) in photography I wish to improve in is people portraits. I enjoy getting nice shots of someone in a nice, relaxed atmosphere. But I need to improve. One of the biggest hurdles for me is finding the people in the first place. Mrs. Barn gets fatally bored pretty quick as you can imagine, she has been called to duty a few times before. Kids and dogs can be tough too. I am getting the lighting part closer and closer all the time and I can set it all up in about 10-15 minutes. That’s the beauty of small strobes, they use batteries so I can set them up anywhere!
Now, as you gaze across these photos from a series I shot yesterday afternoon, I am sure you all will agree that I need a better model! Using myself helps with the light setup but despite what most people think, I am not a calendar model!
And using a tripod with the self timer is a pain.
So, here’s a shout-out to any and all who would like to help a struggling photographer better his people skills. Give me a call. There has to be someone out there who has a need for some photos to send to their kids, parents, granma, or personal dating service. I am willing to come to you (within reason, say on the peninsula) or you can come here. You choose the spot, a sunset on a deck, or sunrise on a pier. , on the beach, in the bush, at a bar, in your home, whatever. Have a few drinks and un-lax while this painless operation only takes a small amount of time.
Lola, you certainly must know some young girls who need photos for their boyfriends. Maybe a certain couple who own a nearby bar need some shots! photos of them on the deck with the moon rising behind them? I can put them on a CD, email them, on a zip drive, either way.
So, pay no attention to the temporary calendar stud and consider yourself in that spot! Help me get better with people.
I'd do it for you!

Esplanade, (v.) to attempt an explanation while drunk.


Sandy A. said...

Oh Barn ya got me beat, fo' sho'!
Really though, I think the best "people shots" are those that catch people in natural state, catch them surreptiously. Not posed. Those are usually the ones that are the best of me, because when I pose I dont' look very good. Catching people in naturally though is hard because as soon as folks think you are talking their picture they automatically pose, even if they dont' think they are. Their mouth gets all weird and stuff. The best ones are people laughing, or looking thoughtful.

Barnacle said...

by the time you get back, i will have more people experience so if you want to do it again we can.
i agree about the un-posed shots but i am trying to also learn the lights. makes it tough to be 'sneaky' or whatever.

Lola said...

Barn Barn Barn...of COURSE I know some lovely models...call me

Miss Kenni said...

You mean Miss Las Vegas declined your offer??? Silly girl.

I'd volunteer, except (a) like Sandy, I don't photograph well unless you sneak up on me and (b) I don't have any plans to be on the Peninsula any time soon.

sandy a. said...

guess I better work on my six-pack...and I don't mean the beer variety either!