Tuesday, August 19, 2008

One Bourbon, One Scotch, and one Beer,,,,,

All right, gotdamit, this is bullshit! And it’s time I did something about it. It has been going on for years.
It’s time Barnacle lost weight and got into some shape other than round.
OK, I know I’ve had a beer gut for years now, and I also know it’s because I drink a lot of beer and don’t get much, if any exercise. Back in ’98, while I was trying to keep up with the 2 Mayan boys who were clearing our lot, I was looking about right for my size. Then the work was finished and I had time for more beers. Running this place now doesn’t take much in the way of hard work, and I end up drinking beer with the guests.

So now I have a beer gut, I am waaay over weight, and have suspected Gout in my Fred Flintstone foot (apparently caused by my current lifestyle). You can't drink this much beer and not expect something to go wrong. Plus I am just plain in a rut.
Just a few days ago, I saw Mrs. Barn look over at some buff, young, studly,, swivel around and glance at me, then turned her chair completely in his direction!
Something has to change.
I am serious about this! Eat better and maybe even less, more exercise including walking every time Mrs. Barn does, (as soon as my foot un-swells), cut way back on Barry Bowen’s profits too. (Barry will be cryin)
Watch for the ‘New and Improved Barnacle’ coming to a beach barstool near you.
Thank you to those of you who gave advice concerning Flintstone Foot syndrome.

“I’m in the midst of a one-man intervention.”


Sandy A. said...

Losing weight will help you a lot in more ways then just the gout thing. Just walking a little every day will be a great start! Hope you feel better soon!

Bunkster said...

If it is gout, that means a big change in diet my friend. Diabetes did that to me. As I recall alcohol in any form is a big nono with gout, just like diabetes!

Bunkster said...

From Wilkipedia search on gout:

Consumption of beer is associated with a 49% increase in relative risk per daily 12-oz serving. By contrast, consumption of spirits was associated with only a 15% increase in relative risk, and no association at all was found with consumption of wine.

Bunkster said...

Also seafood and red meats are now big bad guys.

Bunkster said...


Bunkster said...

So switch to wine!!! We may stop by to say hello around lunch time on our way into Placencia!

sandy a. said...

yeah, what Dave said is right (again!) That is all the stuff that our other friend who has gout is supposed to avoid, especially shellfish and shrimp/lobster and red meat. And for some reason turkey? Because of the L-Trytophan I think.

mailman said...

My husband has gout and several years ago when we first were in Placencia he had a bad case in his foot, couldn't walk anywhere and was just generally a miserable person for 2 weeks. Of course, I forgot to pack his pills and couldn't make the nurse understand what he had or needed. He tried Ted's acupuncture and burning of incense to no avail. His suggestio is to do what he did: take pills and keep drinking beer, seafood when you want, no organ meats and drink cranberry juice and cherry juice (which I have never seen in ttown. The medication is colchicine .6mg take 2 tablets 4x a day until you feel better, then he quits taking until the next time. He has also taken indomethacin 25mg 1-2 tab 3x day as long as needed. Maybe Nina can get one of these. They really help and pretty quickly. He never gave up the beer, I think his foot would have fallen off first! Jope you are better.


Barnacle said...

thanks everyone for the concerns and advice!
so far, i like mailman's the best! keep drinking beer!
i believe i am going to let this bout-o-gout run it's course, and if it reoccurs i'll go see a doc about it.
the beer drinking MUST calm way back if i am to even consider the gut issue tho,,, bummer.

Sue w said...

Hubby has had bouts with gout in the past. So long as he takes allopurinal daily (once the acute episode has passed), he has no rigid dietary restrictions. And has no further problems. Good luck!