Monday, August 18, 2008

Can i get a witness,,,,

I shudda known. Mrs. Barn sez I went too far with the tush photo and the home remodeling joke. Re-enforced the fact that she won’t link me from her sites.
I never said this was going to be some family oriented, promote tourism, politically correct, all positive no negative, BTB approved bullshit blog,, did I?
There are already enough of those.
Think of this as more of a reality blog. I calls em like I sees em. And if I see an ass like those last three, I’m gonna photograph them and post em!
If I seem a bit cranky, it’s because I got a problem. My right foot is beginning to resemble Fred Flintstone’s foot. Why? Hell if I know, but it’s fat and it hurts.
So naturally, I googled “why does my foot hurt” and found nothing. And Mrs. Barn is damn tired of me laying ‘round moanin about my fat foot. So for those of you that think we live some exotic dreamy lifestyle, conjure up that image!
Our house is only 16x20 ft.
But with the two of us living here it becomes 8x10. Some jail cells are roomier than that! And we only have one door too!
So since it's slow, lets have another poll.
Lets see how many would rather see a nice, safe, kiddie blog that has no cussin, no nekkid butts, never show a Belizean wart, all positive and cheery all the time.
And how many want to log on to find out what is really going on?
note: I'm gonna do what the hell i want anyway, this is just for fun!

You laugh because I'm different...........
I laugh cause I just farted!


Anonymous said...

How about a poll with something in the middle, ehhh?? Just no paste jokes anymore!!!! Please!!!!

Mrs. Barn

Bunkster said...

This would not be Barns blog if you changed anything!!! If I want plain Jane I read the AC board! Except momma says I cannot look at the girlie pics!!!

Bunkster said...

And the foot problem sounds like gout. Check it out quick!!!

sandy a. said...

Bunkster is right--that's just what I would have suggested. Don't wait Barn,get the docc to look at it pronto!
BTW, I like your blog just the way it is! You have the disclaimer prior to entering!!

Sue W said...

Beer drinking + your symptoms = gout. Get to the doc and get on colchicine. When gout is gone, take daily allopurinal. (And try to cut back on the spinach!)
Disclaimer: I just play a doctor on tv.

Sandy A. said...

We have a friend here who has gout, but he won't take his medicine and he eats to much stuff that aggravates it and drinks too much so he has attacks frequently.

Anonymous said...

Again, get that checked out. You may have to stop drinking the beer. Or do what I do. I pour it into a Coca Cola bottle. Seems to work. well for a little while anyway. Somehow she always finds out.

Anonymous said...

Over the years have had several friends suffering from gout.
Our next door neighbor is a huge BEER DRINKER. Last week he was on
crutches after a visit to the DR.
He has been told to QUIT DRINKING BEER but no way that is going to happen. He is only in his 40's and has had this problem for years.
Just keeps getting more episodes that last longer and longer.