Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I only went out for a beer,,,,,

In a clearing, on top of Corona pass Colorado, we met the judge from Grand Lake Colorado.
$100.00 later, he pronounced us husband and wife.
That was 20 years ago today, August 20th 1988.

As with any healthy marriage, we argued over which photo to use.
She was right, I was wrong!

Cue ominous music and booming evil laugh.


bananavida said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Keep on Rocking!

Bunkster said...

Same for us, August 20, 1977!!!
31 years today!!!

sandy a. said...

Happy Anniversary to Barnacle and the Missus, and to Bunkster and his Missus!! Here's to many more years of wedded bliss!! *clink* (that's the sound of glasses clinking together in a toast!)

Barnacle said...

yea bunkster's,, happy anniversary to yoos two!
and there is a b-day out there as well in the bananavida household!!!

Bunkster said...

Hey we had our anniversary dinner at the Pickled Parrot. We told the lady we knew you, she said she would not ask us to leave as long as we did not get as obnoxious as you do!!!

Miss Kenni said...

Happy Anniversary, and many more, to both couples!

Placencia said...

Hey Congratulations!!!!!!! I love the picture - you two look sweet. :)