Friday, August 22, 2008

Raven hair and ruby lips, sparks fly from her fingertips,,,,

And yet another pool in Maya Beach.
Maya Beach Hotel is constructing a new pool to the south of the Bistro.
But they have added a twist to the construction phase. You can actually own a piece of the pool! Yep, your piece will have your name on it and everything.
For the paltry sum of $1,000(presumably BZ dollas), you can buy a brick. As you can imagine, it takes a lot of bricks to build a pool. So, sign up now, as I am told there is no line. (you know this is a joke, right?)But they are building a pool.

Remember a few posts ago where I mentioned Placencia's own Brenda was holed up in the Breach? And then not holed up anymore?

Well, forget I ever mentioned any of that. So as not to get the Voo Doo layed down on me you understand. My life is complicated enough as it is. Don’t need someone stickin pins in a doll of my likeness. Or holding a Bic lighter under a Belikin bottle so I have continuous hot beers!
Uh uh,,,bad Ju Ju right there mm hmm.

Whoa up there cowboy, You quit drinkin beers!
PFFFTTTT,, Oh come on, you didn’t fall for that old line did you? It’s me, remember? My Flintstone foot is down below a Barney foot and slimming each day. I am NOT goin let someone tell me these beers go straight to my foot!
John Wayne said it best, “Anyone can quit smoking, it takes a man to whip cancer!”
Well, maybe he didn’t put enough thought into that one, but gotdammit, I like my beer(s)!
So whats a few days of Mrs. Barn bitchin about me moanin about my sore foot? I ain’t gettin any younger. And if it happens once a year, well that’s 51 happy weeks I got to look forward to, right?
Besides all that, I am considering leagle action against Sir Barry! There's no way this could be my fault!
All Mrs. Barn photos again,,,

The monkey on my back is in rehab.

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Sandy A. said...

Glad you are getting better!
Sooooo, you don't want to quit the old brewskis...not that I blame you.....I like a cold one too....hard to put down a nice cold hoppy beer!
I guess time will tell if you'll need to switch to a nice glass of Chardonnay! (expensive in Belize!)