Monday, August 11, 2008

Goin on down to the gun sale at the church,,,

Yesterday was Sunday around these parts, and what did we do? Well we didn’t make it to church I can tell ya that!

There was a bar in Maya Beach that I had not been to? What you say? Yes, it’s true. I had not been there. So we mosie’s on down the beach to see what’s shakin.(even hosed down Scurvy before we went!)
The little thatch beach/pool bar at Maya Breeze Inn has become quite a hit. Nice little spot right on the beach with a small pool to dip into.

$6--14oz draft Belikins are very good!
(LOTS of discussion over the true capacity of those mugs!)

I always like draft Belikin but it can be a pain for bars to deal with so it’s kinda rare. And up in north America, draft beer is the cheapest thing there is. Here it’s more expensive? Oh well.

Maya Beach is back on people’s social calendar again with 2 popular bars now! Hold on ta yer butts!

Reading some photo blogs and found this. Look at the gear this lucky guy gets to use to shoot the Olympics! Has to be $100,000 sitting there!

Business actually picks up for us right now. May be a bit slow on the uploads.

“Going out for a beer or two” sometimes means waking up in Vegas three days later.

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Sandy A. said...

Will have to check out the bar! Haven't been over to Maya Breeze snooping around since it changed hands, even though I've been on Da Breach.