Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Two completly different breezes,,,,

A few nights ago we had one hell of a blow here! No, I’m talking about a mini storm of some sort. Waves were lapping about as far as I have seen, rain pounding at us sideways, wind just howling.
Look what it did to an umbrella. Looks like Julio will be busy for a few days.
No other damage, just sea grass everywhere.

I found a hummingbird feeder! Now I can shoot the little bastards right from my door.
Lately out in the yard the skeeters are sooooo frickin bad I don’t go. Especially where the hummers hang out.
I got a 2 light system, and a beer close by so I like this.
Almost getting the results I am after with the lights but not yet. And I need to work on my focus points a bit.
Next ones should be sharper and better lit.

My 12 step program has an escalator, and a wet bar.

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Sandy A. said...

Just to reiterate---the hummingbird pics are GREAT!