Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cheap corn dogs and free lotto tickets,,,,

Big news around here. Seems there was a WASH-UP last week! Lottery tickets all over! We saw some folks walking the beach that we would not normally see, like two elderly Seine Bight women who had to take a break every 30 yards. Hear it was a big dump. Lots of people scored, if that’s what you call it.
Bricks of cocaine lying on the beach is a recipe for trouble. Already hearing of people finding it, selling it, then being robbed for the cash. I don't know if i want to find any or not?
What would you do?

But the big news concerns the local corn-dog supply!

Turns out that the Health Dept. has changed the food handler’s rules. No longer do you need to pack up a turd and send it to the Chineyman in Dangriga who ‘supposedly’ scans it for worms.


They launched into the 21’st century and found out that was not necessary. But now, every food handler has to take a 1 day class to be certified. Well, there a couple of people selling around town who won’t even be let in the door, probably be shut down soon. You know the inspectors will be keeping an ‘eye’ out for violations with their new project. See the eye,, get it?
One full day? I don’t know, but I am thinking they could get there point across in 1 hour?
Wash your hands often, don’t scratch yer ass, keep everything clean, here’s where the trouble spots can be, yada yada yada,,but 8 hours?
To sign up for class you need a S.S. card.Your s.s. card cannot read ‘retired’ if you want to work. If your stamp in your passport sez ‘retired’ then that is what your S.S. card will say.
Enter the area’s corn dog supplier. He is also selling pizzas to various outlets, frozen to take home and cook yourself. I hear they are very good. Have not tried one yet.
Sitting there at the bar, he hears about the food handlers thing, sez ‘shit’, then he hears about the S.S. thing,, sez Aw crap,, then he hears his passport has been stamped wrong! 9 years ago!! Well let’s just say the jokes were at his expense the rest of the afternoon.
Corn dogs should be going at bargain prices soon.
I love corn dogs. I make them myself, but I make corn puppies. I use the little wieners in a can, Vienna sausages. Works well!

As for the poll. looks like most everyone wants to see Scurvy get some tail. Well, maybe not see it but i could get photos if needed.
And i see there are a couple hornys out there who want to go along.
Hey, this is about puppy love. Go get your own dammit.

I hope theres an afterlife so i can waste it too.


Sandy A. said...

I'd be leavin' those lottery tickets alone if I came across one......sounds like trouble.

Sue W said...

In the 80's, after my folks retired for the winter in Grand Cayman, a huge, black plastic wrapped bale (size of a hay bale) of ganga washed up on their beach. What did they do? My Dad immediately called the police. My Mom immediately cut off a chunk for late experimentation.
Times they are different to be sure!