Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Siene Bite Raceway,,,

Why is it that I can never stay anywhere near the cutting edge of technology?
I think I have a good idea but it sure gets aggravating.
Look at this new camera being offered by Canon.
Check out what all this baby will do!
I feel I am living in the dark ages, and I am!
(click to enlarge)

Along with the hatching of the little green iguana’s, there seems to be an abundance of baby Boa’s as well. Cute little buggers I tell ya.

Another town day for us today. I hear the road thru Seine Bite is all better. The shit pavement has been scraped off and you can do 80 mph thru there!
Rumors, strictly rumors, have it that Cisco has found some land for their crews to camp out on. But, not until I smell hot asphalt will I be offering a 'Pavement Party!'

“If you want to drink all day, ya gotta start early.”


Sue W said...

That camera resembles a space station!

Lola said...

yeah I know - I got out to the road and saw the old pavement had been scraped away "Holy S**t! Freeway!" I yelled and peeled out. Then I fell into the holes in front of the new Austrian restaurant...

sandy a. said...

yeah!! Progress!! but on the other hand I worry about the lack of speed bumps and the children playing in the road.