Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesdays gone with the wind,,,,,,

I was so happy! Our trash cans survived the night without being spilled all over the place! Mission accomplished.
We loaded up for the weekly trip to the village, including the mutt. (more on that later).
To confirm the rumors that Seine Bight has been de-paved, yes! It is true. They scraped off every bit of stuff that was asphalt in it’s past life. They scraped it flat. They scraped off the speed bumps! It is smoooooth!
Now, with all that comes a couple problems we all knew would follow.
Speed and dust! I tell ya, if this country had no speed bumps anywhere, there would be half the population. They will drive as fast as the road conditions will allow regardless of if it is out in the country or downtown Seine Bight!

And now with the steady breeze, the poor folks on the west side are getting covered in dust. I mean COVERED! Wamasa bar was really taking it bad as Albert has been running his cement trucks to the village all day long. You just can’t win with this road.
We did see some surveyors near the ball field? A good sign maybe?
Despite what some yearly visitors say, we all will benefit from pavement. Even the elderly at the point will have a better quality of life be it just in more, cheaper goods being delivered.
OK,, rant over.
The construction project near Turtle Inn had a new look. I figured if they went any deeper they would bump into Chinese immigration! Well, they stopped just shy of that and opened the spillway. What you see there now is the largest lake in the tri-state area! I'll reserve my comments, but i bet you know what they would be.
Some other notable sites while in town,,,
On sale at the counter at Wallens, corn-dogs!
Yep, some guy is making corn dogs using the only choice available, chicken dogs, and selling them right next to the meat pies. Two things, yes they were good! And yes, the Belizeans were liking them too!
Killing time waiting for Pickeled Parrot to open, we drove back by the site of the old lagoon saloon to see what’s happening back there. Whoa,, don’t look like I remember it! Even a completely new island out in the lagoon with some McMansion going on it.
Pickeled Parrot opens and we head in for lunch, with Scurvy in tow.
Remember a few days ago I mentioned how he is a murderer? Well, lets just say the P.P. has been cleansed of stray cats. I wish he would knock it off but there is some doggie gene imbedded deep into his ass soul that he can’t won’t control. What can I do? We decided to leave him home from now on.
On the way home we stop at the veggie mart in S.B.
I promised photos and here they are.

What a great place! Just be sure to go at around noon-30. Every time we have gone in the morning, she sez ‘de truk deh com at noon’. Today was proof. 12:30 and look what we saw! The coolers have even more, meat even!

Now, they have these plastic bags full of water hanging from the rafters. First thing I thought was ‘Belizean fire sprinkler system’. Not the case. I ask her WTF? She tells me they are for the Konkas, suppose to chase away Konkas. I don’t get it but I will say, there are not many flies (Konkas) in there?
I have seen a clump of garlic nailed to the door frame and I may do that myself, (vampires) but a bag of water,, I don’t know.
all photos with Adriane's canon.

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